Friday, 9 October 2015

Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) CSR

On 31st July, participants from Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) Global Education came together for a meaningful afternoon of teambuilding activities with a special touch of community service element in it.

In collaboration with SIM and the chosen beneficiaries – Viriya Family Service Center and Whispering Hearts Family Service Center; charitable organisations which lend a hand to provide both community and social services to low-income families in Singapore. There were a total of 65 children and youths of different ages, races and gender who turned up at the programme.

Prior to the arrival of the children and youths, the participants from SIM were split into teams and were tasked to design and create welcome gifts for the children. The teams showcased their creativity and craftsmanship by making DIY stationary cases from scratch as well as building nanoblock figurines. The children and youths were presented with the gifts upon arrival and it instantly brightened up the children’s faces.

After which, the participants accompanied the children into The S.E.A Aquarium Challenge! where they were given a colourful race booklet and had to search for the answers within the Aquarium. Through the race, the participants were able to interact much closer with the children, and at the same time the children were able to enjoy seeing the marine animals in the Aquarium, an experience that may not easily come by any other day.

At the end of the programme, all the efforts and hard work were worth it when we saw the wide smiles and also knowing that the children have truly enjoyed the whole session.

Everything was done so well that I’m sure we will engage FOCUS again in the future :)
- Tiurma

Thank you for supporting us and making the programme a memorable experience for our colleagues and the children. Our colleagues shared that the programme was very meaningful and they really enjoyed it.
Like what I have told you, our team is very impressed with your Facilitators and they have done a great job in keeping our staff engaged! Do pass our compliments to them :) Last but not least, thank you for being so prompt and responsive to our requests. Really a joy to work with you :)
- Angela Phua

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