Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Soar High with MINDS

This time round, FOCUS Adventure decided to conduct an indoor programme for the students at MINDS Towner Garden School to maximise our interaction with the students. On 11th July 2015, 19 students from MINDS Towner Garden School participated in our Angry Bird Trebuchet Challenge! Supported by 8 staff from both FOCUS Adventure and CAMP Challenge and tapping on our sister company’s expertise on managing children, it provided a more experiential development process for the students.

Working in small groups, the activity requires the students to construct their own trebuchet through the use of PVC pipes and twines. The students who are in Scouts displayed excellent tying and lashing skills. The second segment was the creation of the angry birds (i.e. projectiles) with the use of jumping clay. It allowed us to witness the creativity side of the students. The highlight of the activity was the successful launching of their projectiles by their very own trebuchet which destroyed their designated castle! A great sense of accomplishment was achieved when their projectiles successfully hit the castles!

It was yet another fulfilling day with the students, with much being learnt and shared amongst our staff and the students. Definitely looking forward to the next programme with the students!

The activity was very interactive and the Facilitators were very enthusiastic in mingling with the students. Although most of the students had trouble with the knots, the Facilitators involved the students in ways they can contribute, like cutting the tape or holding the poles together. The students had the most fun kneading the angry birds out of plasticine and attacking the castle using the trebuchet. Thank you for bringing so much joy and laughter to our students!!!
- Ms Michelle Yeo, Job Coach

The activity was very interesting as it involved teamwork & problem solving skills whereby the students together with the volunteer & teacher had to figure out how it worked. The kneading of the angry birds was fun and the students enjoy the outcome of their creations. The volunteers were very helpful and committed in their way they carried out the activity with our students. Overall it was a very well planned programme. Good job FOCUS Adventure Team! Thanks for organising it. Both students & teachers enjoyed the activity.
- Ms Adeline Ong, Teacher

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